The Canadian Connection

David Duff Brand (older brother of Henry Brand, whose line I descend from) and his wife, Catherine Carlisle Young, had 3 children; Agnes, Catherine and David. Young David Brand emigrated to Canada in April 1926, married, raised a family, and retired in 1968 to his 100 acre farm to raise pigs and calves.  I made contact through this site with one of his daughters, Kate, and met up with her and husband Cec in July 1999 when they were in Scotland visiting their relatives. We have since returned the visit, staying in Ontario with them during June and July 2000. The Canadian Brands' story is on the page link above, with several photographs.

The Australian Connection

John McKenzie and his wife Betsy Ingles married in Kinghorn in 1847, and emigrated to Australia in 1853 on the ship "Sea".  John was a younger brother of Isabella McKenzie, whose daughter (also Isabella) is the old lady featured in the 4-generation photograph on the home page.  John and Betsy left Scotland to escape economic depression, and eventually had 13 children - their fourth child, James Alexander Sea McKenzie, was born on board ship during the voyage, and his name reflects the names of both the ship and its Captain.  John worked initially as a shepherd, before taking up 100 acres and farming for himself. His g-g-grandson, Bob, contacted me after finding this site, and we correspond regularly by e-mail. The page linked from above gives more details of this family branch, with several photographs.

The Forth and Tay Bridges Connection

Another fourth cousin, Sheila Swan Culross, acquainted me with a piece of family history I was at that time unaware of (1998). My g-g-uncle William was the first man to drive a railway train over the Forth Rail Bridge, and had been on board the last train to safely make it across the Tay Bridge in 1879, just before the famous disaster. I made contact with his grandson Archie, Archie's son Gordon, and his grandson, Jamie.  They will hopefully be able to supply me with some of the information to fill a few gaps in this line of the family, and perhaps some more on the railway connection. What is available can be found on the page linked above, with some photographs.

The U.S.A. Connection

Connie and Brian Barclay live in Arizona, U.S.A. They are relatives from my paternal grandmother's side of the family, and Brian and I are fourth cousins. We are exchanging information about each other's families, some of which is displayed on the above page. There is another branch of distantly-related Meldrums (through Barclay) in Utah, and some information about them is here too.