The Road and the Miles to Bonnie Dundee

This is the approach to Dundee over the Tay Road Bridge, with the Law (Dundee's most famous hill - an old volcanic plug) in the background.  I live towards the north-west of the town, near an area known as Lochee.  It used to be a weaving village in days gone by, but has been absorbed as Dundee grew over the years.  The town was known for Jute, Jam and Journalism - the last jute factory has finally closed, Keiller's Jam factory is no more, but the Dundee Courier keeps the last tradition alive.  I have lived here since 1974, and have no intention of living anywhere else at present.  Dundee is a city which has had its problems over the years, but is currently being reborn under the banner of City of Discovery - a reference to its most famous ship. 

Four sites to visit in Dundee :-
RRS Discovery - Captain Scott's famous ship
The Frigate Unicorn - the oldest British-built ship afloat
Verdant Works - a Working Jute mill
The Old Steeple - Dundee's oldest landmark

My home for 6 months of the year is a floating rig called a semi-submersible - it performs exploration drilling for oil.  My job is Medic, although I also do most of the administration and logistical work and various other tasks.  I originally left school and went to Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, in Dundee, studying architecture.  After about a year and a half, I had made up my mind that the last thing I wanted to be was an architect!  So I decided on nursing, which was more people-orientated.  I qualified on both the General and Psychiatric Registers, and worked in the local psychiatric hospital for 5 years before going offshore for financial reasons.  I am now in my 32nd year offshore, having worked in most of the North Sea sectors and a lot of places in West Africa, including Gabon, Togo and Nigeria.  I crossed the Atlantic on one rig in 1988.  The rig I am currently working on was built over in Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia, during 1974.

A typical rig Sick Bay

Typical drilling rigs

Fairly typical North Sea weather conditions - note the snow in the right hand picture!

Stranded helicopter on the pipe deck. This was struck by lightning and ended up going back to town on a boat! On the right, landing on the pontoon by boat in port - 140 stairs to the main deck....

Since this site is mainly about genealogy, one of my hobbies is fairly obvious (also the computer habit, I suppose).  I read a lot, almost anything from biographies to fiction (there is a link to one of my favourite authors on the personal links page), like to go hill walking in decent weather (not winter - I get paid to fly in helicopters, not get rescued by them!), hunt for ancient stone circles and other megalithic monuments, occasionally do some gardening, listen to music - again everything from Scottish traditional music to Captain Beefheart (a link to the best site on the web), and have always been interested in history, currently studying for an Honours Degree in History with the Open University..  Politically, I am committed to Scottish Independence. And that's enough about me...   Some links to my favourite sites are on the next page.