The Camperdown Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO355329

The stone looking north

The stone looking east, first green in the background

The stone looking south

The stone looking west - spot the second tee

Typically, this is the nearest standing stone to where I live and I didn't even know of its existence until George Currie mentioned it - thanks, George! It lies just within the bounds of Camperdown Park, on the golf course at the end of the first fairway (known as Druid...), between the first green and the second tee. Literally just a few yards south of the old West Gate into the Park.

Not much about it in CANMORE, where it is dismissed as 'an erratic' - I don't think so though, it's too close to Balgarthno Circle to be discarded that easily. It's not much over a metre tall, and there are no markings on it, but it's in a fine location.

Visited 22nd March 2003

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