Gallow Hill

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO390410

A view of the cup and ring marked rock

This cup-marked rock is close by

These stones are on a hill close by the back of Dundee. The first, a rather spectacular stone, is in a fairly dodgy situation. I spoke to the farmer about it, and he has agreed to ensure that no further risk will occur to the stone from its current situation. Sorry if this sounds a bit mysterious, but the stone could be regarded as 'portable' and we don't want it to disappear. Unless, of course, the risk continues and we're forced to take it into "protective custody"! The site has been reported to the local museum, but nothing much seems to have been done. There are other marked rocks nearby, and I have photographed one of them, but will provide no further information about their exact location.

Date visited 18th February 2004

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