Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO622636

Looking south across the stone in its enclosure

Looking to the east

The stone looking north

To the west

Outlined against the sun

This standing stone lies just off the A90 north of Brechin, on one of the little back roads leading to Montrose.

Hare Cairn or the 'Law of Keithock' was a large, conical cairn of stones 20' high and 45' in diameter at base surmounted by the 6' standing stone that now marks the site. The cairn was removed in the early to mid 19th century and two cists containing human remains were found about 26 yds SW of the present position of the stone. It is reported that before its destruction in the early 19th century this cairn measured 14m in diameter by 6m in height and was surmounted by a standing stone. Two cists were found about 24m SW of the present position of the standing stone, which has been re-erected on the site of the cairn.

Visited, but the field was full of young bullocks, so discretion won. Photographed it from the fence!

Date visited - 30th June 2003

Ha! No bullocks today, only sheep - so over the gate and in. This is a pretty impressive lump of rock, stood on a couple of large flat stones and fenced in. The stone looks genuine enough, with streaks of quartz running through it.

My local informant tells me that the cairn was said to have marked the spot of a battle back in the 1450's between the Ogilvies and Lindsays, but the stone would appear to have been here from long before that date. !

Date revisited - 15th October 2003

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