The Killievair Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO562609

The stone looking north-east

The stone looking north-west

From Brechin head north-west out of the town under the A94 and take the Careston / Noranside road. Just under 2 kilometres out of town, on the north side of the road, you will see the stone in the near corner of a field. There are some cottages just before where you may park carefully. The stone itself is relatively unremarkable, no cup or ring marks, but is of strangely striated stone. An old local rhyme (from a book dated 1854) says :
Between the Killievair and the Buckler Stane
There lies many a bluidy bane

This is alleged to refer to an ancient battle between Agricola, the Roman leader, and Calgacus, leader of the Picts. The Buckler Stane lay at Langhaugh, over 1 kilometer due north of the Killievair Stone, but is no longer visible. Five kilometers due north of the Killievair Stone lie the White and Brown Caterthuns, 285m high hills with the remains of ancient forts on their tops. It is alleged that this is where Calgacus had his forts.

Thanks to local farmer Mr J.Barron, at Findowrie, for this excellent contribution of local knowledge.

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