The Westerton Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO537521

The stone looking south-west

The stone looking north

The image on the SW face (no, I can't see it either)

The south east edge

Still can't see this image

The cup marks on the top

The cup marks from another angle

Final attempt to see the image

Hold the camera up and shoot straight down...

From Forfar head east on the A932 Friockeim road. Turn north onto the un-numbered Aberlemno road by Balgavies Loch, until a small crossroads is reached. Just north of this junction you will see the stone in a field on your left (west side of the road.) This at first appears an unassuming stone, standing about 1.2m high. Flat-faced, with the faces approximately due south-west/north-east. However, it repays closer examination. Along with 5 cup marks along the top ridge, on the SW face is (allegedly) a very faint outline of a man. I had a good look, and could make out some faint lines, but the stone is very eroded.

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