Abernethy Den

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO188161

The outlier, looking east

Looking across the outlier to the site of the circle

The three remaining stones on the NE arc

Looking across the circle to the outlier, hidden in the trees

Looking SW across the remains of the circle

Quite a sad little site this. Follow the sign for the circular walk up the glen, and about 150m in there's a branch to the left across a wooden bridge. Take the path to the right after the bridge and less than 50m later you pass the outlier. It's a fair size, around 1.6m in height and 1m across at the base. It stands around 10m from the 3 remaining stones of the circle, all fairly low and half-hidden in the grass. These 3 lie on the NE arc, and the circle probably contained ten stones originally, being around 6m in diameter. 3 stones around the right size and shape lie in or by the burn running alogside, and there is another appropriately sized stone at the foot of the outlier. The whole area's a bit overgrown and untidy.

Visited 4th June 2003

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