The Ardblair Stone Circle

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO160439

The circle looking west on the B947

The circle looking east on the B947

The northern half of the circle

The southern half of the circle

The southernmost stone, with repairs.

The B947 runs west from Blairgowrie towards Lethendy. The road is marked and there as warning signs by the circle for those too blind to spot it. Burl records that the road was laid in 1856. Beware of traffic, it's no doubt a little faster now than it was then! There are six stones on the circle, which is approximately 48 feet in diameter. The ring is graded to the south-west, with that stone being 1.8m high, the tallest. The western stone and the the most north-easterly were moved to make way for the road, and the southernmost stone was broken during the road-making. It was banded with iron and set in concrete. Burl also records that the alternative name for this site, the Leys of Marlee, is an anglicised corruption of mor liae, the great stones.

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