The Balhomais Circle and Cairn

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN824494

The circle and cairn looking south

The cairn and circle looking east

The SW stone showing destroyed crescent

Balhomais lies on the B846 about 1km before the Dull turning, beside the farm road of the same name. There is a tumulus or cairn here, by the north side of the road, and the remains of what may have been a circle. Only the northern and western sides remain, along with a jumble of other stones by the cairn, one of which must have been pretty impressive when upright. Fallen, it is easily 2m in length. The stone in the most SW position has had an area chiselled out in the past, roughly the shape of a crescent.

Canmore suggests a diameter of 66' feet for the circle, but also states that things have changed over the years - the barrow has been partially quarried away on the east side, and 5 stones were noted originally, one of which became incorporated into the wall by the roadside.

Local tradition holds that the trees on this cairn were used as the gallows for the Menzies family (Menzies Castle is just along the road.)

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