Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO382384

General view of the circle looking east-north-east

General view looking east

Looking south across the remains of the circle

The north western stone looking west

The eastern face of the eastern stone, showing large cup marks

The western face of the same stone, showing some of the smaller cup marks

The southerly recumbent, looking towards the NE and NW stones

A closer look at the cupmarks on the eastern face of the NE stone

Another close-up of the cup marks

The NE stone, looking SE

Take the A929 north out of Dundee to Tealing. Follow the road due west past Balkemback farm on the left, until you see a house in a stand of trees on the right. Park just past this, and the circle is in the second field north. The site is described as an irregular setting of four stones, two fallen. They form a circle approximately 11m in diameter. The tallest stone is the south-eastern one, standing just over 1m in height, but the fallen south-western stone is 1.5m in length. The south-eastern stone has cup and cup-and-ring markings on the broad east and west faces.

Revisited 17th February 2004. I had another look at this site on a fine clear afternoon and (unusually) no cattle-beasts in the field for a change. This was one of the first sites I visited when I started recording the stones in my area, and I only took a couple of general photos. I have removed these and replaced them with the current set, which quite clearly show the large cup marks on the NE stone.

Canmore states: "A 'circle of stones' forming a triangle whose sides are 25'10" x 28'10" x 29'4". There is also a small outlying stone on the north side. The first measures 5' x 4' x 10" high; the second, 2' x 3' x 3'6" high; the third, 2' x 2' x 3'8" high. On the E side of the latter are 21 cups, varying from 1"-3" in diameter. 6 are surrounded by single rings and connecting grooves. On the west side are 16 cups, varying from 1"-2 1/2" in diameter. There is also a connecting groove at one side. 1881."

These are all easily visible in the photos. The view from this elevated field is quite spectacular, with the Sidlaws behind and the long slow slope south towards the mouth of the Tay.

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