Carse Grey

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO462538

The larger NE stone, with the small western one behind it

The two stones on the eastern arc

The SE stone

All 3 remaining stones

Across the eastern side

Just off the A90, take the B9128 towards Forfar, then turn east into the estate. The circle lies on the Carse Grey estate, so ask at the house for permission - this was readily granted, and after I made friends with her 3 labradogs, the lady of the house took me up the track to show me the remains of the four poster. She turned out to be interested in dowsing, and a friend of hers apparently had dowsed the circle and found a line running from it directly down to the big house. There has been recorded habitation on this site since the 14th century, and probably long before that. An underground spring supplies the house - a spiral stair still survives of the original 14th century fortified house.

The circle itself is very overgrown, hundreds of fireweeds (rosebay willowherb) and a lot of brambles, unfortunately not yet ripe! Three stones survive of the four poster, no significant markings on any of them, though the largest seems to be a favoured spot for hunting owls, going by the debris left on top and round about.

Canmore says :"The westernmost of the three surviving stones of this probable 'four-poster' was knocked down by a wind-thrown tree early in 1993. The stone was re-erected by the estate under the supervision of the area Inspector and warden. Investigation of the socket prior to re-erection revealed white quartz fragments and pebbles."

Date visited - 18th July 2003

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