The Colen Wood Circle

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO111312

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Looking north east

Leave Scone by the A93 heading north, take the minor road towards Stormontfield, pass through it and keep heading north. About a mile north, the road bends to the right by a group of trees. Park at the right side of the road and look up the hill - you will see a sign. Walk back down the road to the stile, and follow the signs to the top of the hill. On a clear day, the view from the stones is magnificent. It has been described thus : The poorly-preserved remains of a stone circle are situated on a SW-facing terrace about 740m NNE of Colen steading. Only one of the stones is erect, the others having fallen or been broken, but enough survives to suggest that the circle measured about 7.7m in diameter, and comprised nine graded stones with the largest on the SW arc. The upright stone on the SW arc is a small, roughly rectangular block measuring 1.15m by 0.7m, and 1m in height. On the SW face there are several possible cup- marks, and there is a further cup-mark on the relatively flat top. The stone to the west has fallen inwards and measures 1.5m by 1.45m and at least 0.4m in thickness; its present upper surface bears at least thirty-two cupmarks, the largest measuring up to 90mm in diameter.
The stones around the northern half of the circle are either broken or largely buried, one is now missing. The last stone has fallen inwards and measures 1.55m by 0.72m, and at least 0.3m in thickness; there is one probable cupmark on its upper surface. This monument has been signposted and prepared for public access as part of the South-east Perthshire Stone Circle Trail, administered under the CSA Adopt-a-monument scheme by the Archaeological Section of the Perthshire Society for Natural Science. The visitor may find it difficult to distinguish the stones in standing crop.

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