The Colmeallie Circle

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO565782

The circle looking to the south

The 3 main upright stones of the circle

A view of the jumbled stones of the circle

An overview of the circle

From the A90 just north of Brechin take the B966 through Edzell, a mile or so past the town there is a road marked "Glenesk - Tarfside" heading north (left side of the road). Take this and follow the road for several miles (be warned, it's pretty narrow so watch for oncoming traffic!). As the glen opens out you'll see a sign for Colmeallie, park where convenient at the foot here, so as not to block the entrance, and walk up to the circle, which is to the left of the track. The man who lives at the cottage here is helpful and there's no problem viewing the circle.

The circle itself is pretty disrupted. Only five stones remain upright, though a drawing I've seen from the 1950's showed 6 upright at that time. It sits on a mound, and on investigation appears to have been two concentric circles at one time. Many stones are now recumbent, and others have been utilised in nearby dykes... It's in a pretty stunning location though, and worth a look. 'Dowsing', for those of the ley line persuasion, shows that there is a pretty strong 'focus' near the centre of the circle - this was demonstrated to me by the resident of the cottage, who had been shown how to do it by a previous visitor to the site!

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