The Dalginross Four-Poster

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN780213

The circle looking east

The circle looking south

The circle looking west

The circle looking north

Two possible cup marks on the upright stone

In the village of Comrie, at the southern area known as Dalginross, lies the Dalginross four-poster, which very much reminded me of Burl's comment about Sandy Road, Scone - "An ideal site for the slothful, as it can be viewed from one's car..."! There is a circular platform, raised about 2 feet above the general level, just at the edge of a small wood. The four-poster sits central in this, with a tree-stump in the middle of the group. Only one stone is now erect, and it appears to have a couple of cup-marks just on the top - which was covered in moss, but the indentations felt fairly regular on tentative exploration!

According to CANMORE, the alternative name for this site, Dunmoid, means 'Hill of Judgement'. This is unconfirmed. Around 1876, a stone kist was found in front of one of the slabs, and also an urn filled with ashes.

Visited 13th March 2003

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