Diarmid's Grave

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO117702

A rather gloomy view due east

A slightly sunnier view of the mound, four poster on top

The four poster looking south

Looking north east

Another view of the four poster

Looking north west, Ben Gulabin looming in the background

Looking south across the mound

AKA Spittal of Glenshee. This classic four poster lies just off the A93 road through Glenshee, a small farm track running east just north of Spittal.

Glenshee comes from Gleann Sith, the Fairy Glen. This site is traditionally held to be the grave of the Gaelic hero Diarmid, killed during a boar hunt. Although this mound looks like a barrow, it is in fact a glacial morain deposit. The four-poster sits neatly on top and has stunning views of Glenshee from its vantage point. The mound lies about 500m ESE of Old Spittal farmhouse.

According to Canmore, "In 1894 the natural mound on which the stones are placed was excavated to a depth of 6.71m, and it is unclear if the stones are now in their original positions. The stones lie at the corners of a trapezium, with the two largest at the W end of the long axis; their heights are: A-0.75m, B-0.7m, C-0.3m, D-0.8m. No finds or structural features were recorded during the excavation, and the slight mound at the centre of the stones marks the site of the excavation."

Pity, as it just looks so like a barrow - and what a dramatic place to be buried! The weather was a bit variable whilst I was here but at least it held off raining, though the clouds were well and truly gathering for a downpour. A really beautiful site, and the four poster, though small, is a real wee beauty!

Date visited - 18th July 2003

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