The Dull 4-Poster

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN803487

The circle looking SW

The circle looking east

The B846 runs below the village of Dull, and this site lies in a field to the south of the road just 50m west of the second road leading up to Dull. Marked on OS maps as a circle, (also referred to as Carse Farm) it is in fact a charming little 4-poster. It lies on an axis from the cup-marked rock in the fields beside Dull and the chapel therein (see The Stones at Dull) for those with a taste for the bizarre. Strangely enough, however, the only stone of the 4 which carries any markings is that in the NE corner, (on the bearing from the chapel and cup-marked rock), the top of which is covered in cupmarks! Isn't that spooky... ?

Canmore mentions that there are 17 cup marks on the NE stone, and 3 on the SE, which we didn't notice. Burl correctly identifies this as a four-poster, and suggests it is datable to around 2150 - 1800 BCE. Canmore also states that excavation revealed a pit against the inner face of the NE stone, filled with compacted cremated bone, black earth and charcoal, as well as a collared urn with incised geometric ornamentation.

The cup-marks on the north-east stone

Just to the south of here the OS Map confidently announces another circle (remains of) at NN 806487. Don't be fooled, there is only one stone here: see below. As the field was full of cows, we didn't bother getting any closer to it either...

The stone looking SSW

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