Moncrieffe House

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO136193

Looking south

Looking east, Moncrieffe House in the background

Looking north

Looking west

The cup marked stone

Another view of the cup marked stone

This must be the all-time dream home for a megarak. The circle stands on the lawn of Moncrieffe house near Bridge of Earn. It was relocated to here in the 70's from its original site a few hundred yards away because it was in the path of the M90 motorway. Just to the east of the circle is a cup marked boulder with around fourteen cup marks and the vague outlines of a couple of rings, which was moved at the same time as the circle. It used to be in the centre of the circle before the circle was moved to its present position. And in front of the house stands the Bore Stone of Gask, a (sadly badly eroded) cross slab with breathtaking carvings.

Permission must be sought to visit the site as it is in a private garden.

Date visited 8th December 2003

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