The Druid's Park Circle

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO103386

The circle looking towards the east - 4 hidden stones marked

The primary stone looking west

Situated in the village of Murthly, accessed via the B9099 from Luncarty on the A9, the circle is in an area known as Druid's Park (formerly Murthly Hospital). This circle lies 300 yards north east of the gate, in the private grounds of Druid's Park House. Permission should be sought from the occupants before entering, although when I visited this was readily and cheerfully granted. The circle comprises 5 stones, in a sunken circular area approximately 10 metres in diameter. From gaps in the circle it appears that there may once have been 7 or 8 stones, but there is no trace of the others. This site stood in an open field until the construction of Murthly Hospital in 1863-4, when oaks were planted and an earth bank raised around the stones. Cinerary urns were found close to but not inside the circle during the 19th century. The area is now unfortunately heavily overgrown with rhododendrons, and although the primary stone, some 2m high, is easily visible, the others are quite hidden. They have been marked with white lines on the upper photograph.

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