The Parkneuk Four Poster

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO195515

The 4-poster looking south-east

The 4-poster looking north-west

The 4-poster looking south-west

This is a beautiful, if not classic four poster. Situated 4 miles north of Blairgowrie, just off a single-track road leading east from Heatheryhaugh, there is a group of stones in the wood, the ruined site of Tullymurdoch, and less than 100m away to the NE, a small fenced enclosure containing this four-poster. The NNE stone is now recumbent but the others remain standing. The views are spectacular. The site measures 4.5m x 3.8m. Burl records that the ring is graded towards the SSW where the tallest stone stands 1.2m high. A lovely spot.

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