The Easter Peathaugh Four-Poster

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO235573

The circle looking north-west

The circle looking south-east

The circle looking south-west

The circle looking north-east

The largest stone looking a bit like ET!

Take the road from Kilry up past Kilry Lodge and Loanhead farm down the track to Scrushloch. You should be able to park in a corner of the yard. Looking down the hill to the NE you will see the stones on a small promontory. Careful crossing the burn! There is an area of new planting here, and when the trees mature the stones will again be hidden from view - but in a large clearing which will make this quite a delightful spot.

These stones were only recently recorded during a pre-afforestation survey. A lovely little four-poster. Many thanks to George Currie, who supplied the information on finding these stones. Visited 27/2/03.

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