The Sandy Road Circle

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO133264

Various views of the circle

Turn off the A94 main road running north through Scone into Stormont Road. Pass the park on the left, then take the first left - Sandy Road. The circle is in the first cul de sac on the right, appropriately enough christened Greystones...

Burl is spot on about this one: "This is the ideal site for the slothful. Except when thick with heather it can be seen from one's car." Canmore states more prosaically: "This stone circle stood on the W side of the village of New Scone until 1961, when it was excavated by Stewart in advance of housing development. On completion of the excavation, the circle was re-erected and it now forms a landscaped feature within the housing complex." And that's exactly what you get. Seven stones, graded in size with the larger ones in the W-SW arc. A bit soul-less, for me, but at least they didn't just destroy it. More one for the obsessional rather than the purist!

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