The Shianbank Stone Circles

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO156274

The NW circle looking east

The NW circle looking west

The NW circle eastern arc

The NW circle north-east arc

The SE circle looking south

The SE circle looking north

The SE circle looking south

The SE circle south-western arc

These circles are relatively easy to find - perhaps unfortunately. Follow the A94 through Scone towards Shianbank, take the small road on the southern side towards the house at the end of the track. The circles are in the small wooded area out in the fields, ask permission at the cottage. Follow the fence up, there's a nice new gate beside the wood which is easily negotiated. There are the remains of some old WW2 bunkers beside the site, and a large rabbit warren!

Sadly, it has been reported to me recently that these circles have been used for some sort of rituals, having been decorated with a cow's skull and a cat's tail... (January 2003). Revisited 13th November 2003, no sign of any ritual abuse but the area is badly overgrown, and there were traces of fires along with empty cans and bottles - clear of the circles, certainly, but this site is obviously used for drinking parties etcetera....

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