Brownie's Knowe

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO161309

The circle looking west

The circle looking east

The circle looking south

The circle looking south west

The circle looking north

The cup marked rock SW of the circle

The cup marked rock SW of the circle

Also known as Den of St Martin's or Black Den. Not too hard to find. Park below the kirk at St Martins and take the left of the three tracks ahead of you. About quarter of a mile in you pass the gate to the Abbey on the right, then another field gate on the right. About a hundred yards past this on the left a gently sloping track leads down to an old stone bridge. Cross and follow the path up to the left, then cross to the fence and follow it to the right. After a couple of right hand turns following this you'll see a wee clearing - and there's the circle.

Pretty disrupted, about 6 stones of a possible ten left, and all recumbent. Nice atmosphere though, and there's a bonus - a cup marked rock about 50 feet SW of the circle.

Worth a look!

Date visited 4th March 2005

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