Balbirnie Stone Circle

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO285029

Looking south west across the site

Close-up of marked slab in one of the burial sites

From the A92 running north from Glenrothes, turn east onto the un-numbered road for Star and Kennoway. 100m along this road is a sign for the Balbirnie housing development, turn in here and about 150m/200m along, where the road curves right, you will see the circle just below you. Park up in the housing development itself and walk back.
The site itself dates from c3000 B.C., and used to be located 125m to the north west of where it stands at present. It was always known locally as the "Druid's Circle", and had to be relocated when the A92 was widened. It was excavated during 1970-71 by Historic Scotland, and there is a good information board at the site. Ten stones stood here originally, of which eight are left. Later in its history, some burials took place within the circle, and one of the burial cists has a stone marked with cup and cup-and-ring marks (now replaced with a concrete replica). Several finds were made during excavations, amongst them being cremated bones, a beaker, a flint knife and a jet button. All of these are now in the Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.
A fine site, and well worth a visit.

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