Ordnance Survey Map Reference NT034918

This is about the best view of it...

The horror starts to show itself...

Looks like the camera got the shakes along with me when the full extent of the corrugated shed comes into view...

Words fail me

This stone lies just SW of the prehistoric shed

And this poor sod's hiding in the dyke about 30m away from the horror

Easy enough to find - ask at the Saline Golf Club - "See the trees up there? There's a dyke under them, follow it right then left, stone's at the end." They apparently get a few people a year asking about it.

I wonder if they felt as depressed as I did when I got there. Great situation, if it hadn't been misty the views would have been stupendous. But what a way to treat a stone...

It's the first one I've ever seen with its very own corrugated shed extension. Trust me, the pictures don't show the full horror. It's also wrapped up in barbed wire, presumably to stop an escape if it was so inclined.

The area's known as Temple, but no known Hospitaller or Templar connections as far as I'm aware, so it probably refers to 'druidical remains'. The stone is pretty big, but there are a couple of lumps of stone nearby which look suspiciously as if they might have been companions at one time or another. One of them's built into the dyke now, and looks happier than its big pal...

Date visited 31st March 2005

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