The Binn

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NT227869

Overview - one complete and one partial cup and ring mark, the completed one with a spiral tail

Lots of cup marks!

Close-up of the ring marked carvings

The cup and ring marks

Another close-up

The hill behind Burntisland is known simply as the Binn - a volcanic plug, the name is thought to be derived from the Brythonic Bryn - hill, degraded over the years simply to Binn. From the Cowdenbeath road, take the path signposted 'To Standing Stanes Road' (leads to Glassmount stones). Head uphill, over the first stile, cross the field and over the second stile. Bear up on the right hand path leading to the Binn, and cross the third stile. From here (depending on the length of your legs - my paces are just over 1m) take 50 paces up the path. Turn hard right (due S) and move into the wood to the fence. Cross the fence, take about 20 paces and there's a large rocky outcrop in front of you. And there they are!

Date visited - 23rd July 2003

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