The Devil's Blue Stane

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO614079

The stone looking towards the street

The stone looking east

The stone looking towards the kirk

This spectacularly dull stone is included only out of completeness. It stands outside the parish kirk of the little fishing town of Crail, which in itself is worth a visit, but I wouldn't do it just for this stone. It has a story, however, and that's why it's here. According to local author Bruce Durie, in his recent book 'Kirkcaldy and East Fife', the stone is: "A rock hurled by the Devil when the church was being built. It has a rounded indentation known as the Devil's Thumbprint. Sharpening a weapon on the thumbprint is said to guarantee victory." So now you know! Don't miss visiting Crail just because of the negative review of this particular lump of rock, however. It's worth a look, and the fish is always fresh.

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