Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO541109

Dunino Church

The stone in the kirkyard, with the coins on top

The basin and footprint

The Celtic carving

The large Celtic Cross

The Celtic Trinity

This place doesn't totally fit the criteria for the site, but has to be included! Take the A917 SE from St Andrews, then fork off south onto the B9131 at Brownhills. At Dunino take the east road (signposted) to the Church itself. Have a look around the church, which is relatively new (though there has been a church on the site for a long time). Some interesting carvings, including Templar Tau crosses in the porch. Then visit the stone in the kirkyard, which appears to be a fragment of a carved stone. This is now used as some sort of offertory, with coins placed on top of it.

Take the path by the side of the kirkyard, and walk straight on where the path forks - the path to the right is a pleasant amble but merely winds along beside the glen. Moving downhill, you come to what is known as the Pulpit, which has a central basin and a carved footprint, not dissimilar to that at Dunadd. There are carved steps down into the Den, be careful as these are eroded and slippery. On the left, at the foot of the stairs, is a circular Celtic carving. In the Den is a tree which has various clooties, dreamcatchers and other items suspended from it. The wall to the left contains a large incised Celtic Cross, and money has been pushed into various openings in the wall. A bit further on round the corner is a small bur beautifully carved Celtic Trinity.

It's a very peaceful place, and has obviously been used for worship for centuries. The age and provenance of the Celtic images is debatable, but this site is well worth a visit.

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