The Upper Largo Cross Slab

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO423035

The stone in its enclosure

The cross face

The lower horseman and elephant

The middle horseman

This very eroded cross slab stands under cover at Upper Largo Parish Church. The little road to the church runs north from the close by the junction of the A915 and A917. The enclosure stands just inside the gates to the chuch. The wrought iron railings make it very difficult to photograph, and as a result these pictures are pretty poor.

Mack describes it thus: "On the reverse, the surface of which is flaking, are three horsemen, one above the other and riding from right to left. Below the first are what remains of two hounds, in front of the lower horseman is a vertical double-disk and Z-rod, and below them is a large elephant." These can be discerned on the stone, but come out very poorly in the photographs.

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