The Lundin Links Stones

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO405027

The stones looking north

The stones looking south

The southern stones, with Gemma and Fraser showing the scale

Take the A915 east from Leven until you enter Lundin Links. A left turn into Woodielea Road takes you to the golf course. Park there and ask permission to view the stones (readily granted). They lie on the third fairway, about 600 metres in. These three pillars of coarse red sandstone are 3 corners of a rectangle roughly 30m by 10m. The NNE stone is missing, although it lay by its stump in 1792, broken by treasure hunters. The NNW stone is 5.1m tall, the SSW 4.6m and the SSE is 4.2m by 2m broad. An eighteenth century excavation found cists, bones, and possibly a jet button (now lost). These stones appear to be an exaggerated form of four-poster, normally more common in Perthshire.

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