Ordnance Survey Map Reference NT159845

The east face of the stone

The stone looking north

The west face of the stone

The stone looking south

The stone lies just off the Axx running past the Donibristle Industrial Estate, a small road leading into a private house and stables. Ask for permission, this was readily granted. I visited this stone on the way back from a trip round West Lothian. This is a large block of sandstone, seven feet tall and approximately 3 feet wide, and runnelled in a fashion very reminiscent of the Tuilyies main stone only a few miles away. The field it stands in is usually home to some horses, so ask at the stables here before going into the field. The lady there told me they will soon be erecting a fence around it to stop the horses rubbing on it, at the behest of Historic Scotland.

Date visited: 28th May 2003

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