The Pitcorthie Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NT113863

The stone from the path

looking NW

looking NE

looking SSE

looking S

Also known as Easter Pitcorthie, Pitcorthie standing stone resides in the middle of a Dunfermline housing estate. It stands approx 1.5m in height and has an unsculptred and jagged appearance. Although it is a pretty cool stone the presence of 100 living and bedroom windows does not induce a lengthy stay . NMRS state that the stone appears to have been subjected to fire or heat. It has been subjected to graffiti.

This unsculptured standing stone, on the crest of slightly rising ground, is 5'10" high; 3' from the ground, its girth is 11'10". It is of sandstone, main axis N-S, and appears to have been subjected to fire or heat. When seen in 1959, this stone was as described but by 1972 it had been set in a pavement of granite setts as a "feature" in a green space in a housing estate.

Rather a soul-less setting, this stone has little or no 'feel' to it these days, and it is hard to visulaise what it may have looked like in its original setting.

Date visited - 24th July 2003

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