The Strathenry Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO231015

The stone looking south

The stone looking east

The stone looking west

The stone looking north

Visiting this one risks life and limb! It lies on the A911 about a mile west of Leslie, and there are no pavements and very little in the way of a verge... Fife drivers exhibit a blithe disregard for minor impediments like speed restrictions, so be very careful. There is a place to park a little way past the stone in the side road leading south.

Canmore's description goes thus: "About 100 yards west of the lodge of Strathendry House, on the south side of the roadway from Leslie to Scotlandwell, a large irregularly shaped block of sandstone, 5 feet in height, has been used to form part of the dike. It stands with its main axis almost due east and west and has a slight inclination towards the north. It tapers from the base upwards to a rounded and somewhat pointed top, its broad flat face to the north measuring 5 feet 7 inches across at 2 feet from the ground. There are no sculpturings. The girth at the base is approximately 16 1/2 feet. This may be the sole survivor of the four stones near Gallant Knowe." I have nothing to add except to reiterate my warning about the road!!! Visited 9th January 2003.

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