The Tuilyies Stones

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NT029866

The single stone, west face

Cup marks on the east face

The entire group of stones

The group of three

The single stone with sun behind

On the A895 road leading west from Rosyth, just past the Cairneyhill roundabout headed for High Valleyfield, on the south side of the road is a layby. Park here and peer over the fence, the stones are in plain view just inside the field. Some barbed wire to negotiate getting in, so be careful!

A massive deeply lined and cup-marked grey sandstone stone is the most impressive, being almost 8 feet tall. It looks (dare I say it) like a large seal's flipper... Canmore blames the grooves on weathering, but I'm not entirely convinced by this.

The other three stones are of whinstone, and set in a triangular shape. None has any markings visible.

Canmore's explanation of the unusual name of the site is: "The name "Tuilyies" is a corruption of the Scots word "tulzie" which signifies a fight, and the stones are said to mark the graves of chiefs who fell in an alleged battle here." They got the tulzie bit right, anyway...

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