The West Pitcorthie Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO572071

The west face of the stone

The stone looking SE

The east face of the stone

The stone looking north

Possible cup marks on the top?

Take the B9171 east from Spalefield towards Crail and you will see the the stone in a field just east of West Pitcorthie Farm. Parking at the farm I asked permission to cross the fields, as there were sheep and lambs in the first field. There was no problem about this, and I set off - much to the amusement of the sheep, who lined up to inspect their visitor...

This 7 foot tall stone is of local red sandstone, and is set on a N-S axis. It has only a small area uncultivated round it, and there are a couple of fairly recent scrape marks on the western face. There are a couple of possible cup marks on the top, I'm not sure if these are just weathering or not.

Visited 30th March 2003.

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