Bridgend of Lethnot Ring Cairn

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO536682

Looking NW, across part of the site

Looking NW, other half of the site

Looking SE

Looking SW across the cairn

General view looking NW

The NE arc

Some of the outer kerbstones

This ring cairn, 9m approx across, sits on a spur on a hill just above the village of Bridgend of Lethnot. There's a convenient parking space beside a gate - better to use this than risk the electric fence!

This looks like a ring cairn and the remains of a stone circle. A shallow depression at the centre, with no inner kerbstones, but still 5 visible all to the SW, and various others which have become displaced. Two stones remain of the circle, a leaning one on the NE, and a recumbent to the SE. There are some excellent views from here! Visited 2/03/03.

Mark, who runs the Menmuir Community website and alerted me to the presence of this cairn, tells me:
"Mid winter sunrise is around the time we pass it on the way to school and the sun clearly rises, seen from the stones, in the v between the Caterthuns around the solstice. Sadly in the two years since I noticed this we haven't had a cloud free solstice sunrise to capture it on camera."

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