Corrimony Clava Cairn

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NH383303

The cairn

Cairn and part of the circle

Cairn and part of the circle

The entrance

Entrance into the central chamber

edge of central chamber showing part of cup-marked capstone

Central chamber and entrance

Cup marks on the capstone

Information Board

This stands on the northern bank of the River Enrick, some nine miles from Drumnadrochit on Loch Ness, and is a good example of a restored Clava Cairn. A couple of the capstones are missing, and are in fact re-erected as replacements for some missing standing stones in the circle round about! It's a large cairn with a single south-eastern entrance, large central chamber and ringed by standing stones. Nice surrounding area and very peaceful, good information board.

Visited May 2006

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