The 'Dark Stane Roundie'

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO362310

The cairn looking north

The top of the cairn looking south

The cairn looking south

The cairn looking east

Park at the foot of the hill - just off the Ninewells access roundabout, on the south side, is a small residential area where there is usually parking space. Walk up the drive towards the hospital, and as you pass the first curve you'll see the cairn on your right.

This cairn or barrow is described thus in Canmore: "A small circular, wooded enclosure on Menzieshill farm, known locally as "Dark Stane" Roundie, derived its name from a large upright block of dark whinstone, standing near its centre, almost enveloped in foliage. It has been suggested that it formed part of a stone circle, and when it was removed in 1888, a quantity of bones was ploughed up at the spot where it stood. Further human bones were found all over the Roundie when it was ploughed over. The stone was about 7' high, 4' broad and 1' thick, entirely unsculptured, but fairly smooth on the sides which faced east and west. A large piece lying on the ground was said to have been struck off by lightning." The stone has long since gone, as has the wood. On the top of the cairn now are a few small stones, which look like Victorian railing supports - only 4 of a possible 7 or 8 are left, all with small holes facing outward. There's not much left to look at, and it is now almost surrounded by roads and housing developments.

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