Drumsturdy Broch

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO492349

Remains of the broch looking north, showing the entrance

Remains of the broch looking south over the Tay and Fife

Looking to the east across the broch

Drumsturdy hill lies east of Dundee on the A92. Turn north onto the B962, then east on the B961 and turn into the Drumsturdy road up to Laws farm. Ask permission before entering the field by the hill - a bull is often in the field and warning notices are posted! Up a track to the hilltop and the broch can be easily distinguished. Nothing is left above ground level, but the site lies sunk in about 1 metre. An Iron Age fort is also on the site, along with other ruined remains and an absolutely awful late Georgian "folly" (visible in the uppermost photograph). It has been described thus : "The fort is oval measuring c 400' by 200' within the ruin of a wall 30' thick. The faces of the wall are of large carefully-laid blocks and the core of rubble, in which considerable quantities of vitrified stone have been noted. An outer wall of the same character, but not so thick covers either end of the fort and a third is added on the SW. The broch, now very much robbed and overgrown, is 35' in diameter within a wall 16' thick." The views from this site are spectacular, and it is easy to see why the hill was fortified, as it dominates the landscape round about. Well worth a visit.

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