Kindrochet Chambered Cairn

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN723230

The eastern entrance to the cairn

Closer in on the eastern entrance

Looking west from the west end of the cairn towards Dundurn

Remains of one of the cairn's central chambers

Looking east along the length of the cairn

The central rubble pile

One of the central cists

Looking east across the eastern chamber

Off the A85 just before St Fillans, park beside the two cottages at Kindrochet (south side of the road), and ask at the second cottage - the man who lives there is very friendly (as are his dogs!) and will explain how to approach the chambered cairn if the bull is in a nearby field. Approaching from Dundurn farm is more difficult.

Kindrochet Chambered Cairn is now in considerable disarray, but still well worth a look. Measuring around 130 feet by 30 feet, many of the internal features are still discernible even amongs the scatter of rubble and field clearance. The view to the west showed Dundurn hill clearly in the background, and it was easy to see why this site had been chosen. I took a number of photographs, but none of them really gives a great impression of this very peaceful place. Looking west along the length of the cairn gives a clear view of Dundurn hill fort.

According to Canmore, it was excavated by Childe in 1929 and 1930, when it was found to be made of large water-worn boulders and to measure 135ft by a greatest width 36ft within a kerb embedded in virgin soil. Laid out with the long axis E and W, it contained three cists. The central cist contained a leaf-shaped arrowhead.

Visited 13th March 2003

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