The Kings Cross cross-base

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO358329

The cross-base looking south

The cross-base looking south-east

The cross-base looking north-west

The cross-base looking north-east to Camperdown House

Camperdown Park is situated in the NW corner of Dundee, near the well-known Timex works (now closed...) Drive into the park and you can leave the car near Camperdown House, there is generally ample parking space nearby. Walk over to the house, and as you head west towards the golf course you will see the cross-base beside a 'No Pitching' sign...

Little known or remarked by locals, Canmore describes it thus: "King's Cross: This stone, also known as the Standard Stone, is a rough-hewn boulder, c. 3 1/2' x 2' x 20", with a socket hole 9 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 8". It now stands on the lawn fronting Camperdown House. At one time (a century ago) the stone rested on the top of the larger of two tumuli where it had probably been placed when the smaller tumulus was opened in 1787. It is unlikely that the stone was ever used as a base for the insertion of a standard pole - it would appear to be a cross-base." And that's exactly what it looks like. Pity we've no idea what happened to the cross it held. No sign of the tumuli either, the whole area has been landscaped.

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