North Ballachulish

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN057599

Looking straight down at the cup marks

The rock showing iron post

Showing the fissure running through the largest markings

This very interesting rock lies behind the Alltshellach Hotel in North Ballachulish. Please ask permission to visit, the owners didn't know of the existence of this rock, although they do now. From the side door of the hotel follow the track down through the grounds to an old jetty with a couple of iron mooring rings on it. Look south, and you'll see two iron fence posts on the rocks of the promontory. Head for the western (right-hand) one, taking care as the rocks can be pretty slippery. When you reach the iron pole, look down at your feet.... Some of the cup marks are pretty eroded, and the larger ones have a fissure running through them, but it's a fairly well-used surface here.

Date visited 19th October 2003

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