The Sherrifmuir Stones

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN832023

The NE stone looking north

The NE stone looking SW, second stone in the distance

The second stone looking NE

The second stone looking SW towards the Sherrifmuir Inn

The third stone looking NE, second stone in the distance

The third stone looking SW

The fourth stone pair looking NE, second stone visible on the horizon

The cup marks on the western stone of the pair

I visited these en route to the Sherrifmuir Inn, for the annual march to commemorate the Battle of Sherrifmuir. These stones are also referred to as the Wallace Stones. Situated in Stirlingshire close by the site of the Battle of Sherrifmuir on 13th November 1715 (the Jacobite Rising), they are also traditionally held to be where William Wallace and Andrew de Moray rallied their troops prior to the Battle of Stirling Bridge (1296). Marked as 5 stones by the OS, I can only find 4 of them! They are aligned on a SW-NE axis, and about 100m apart. The third stone in the sequence heading SW is virtually buried, and the fourth is actually two stones very close together. There are what appear to be cupmarks on the inner face of the westerly stone of this pair.

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