The Auchterarder Stones

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN929125

The single stone showing girdle mark

Opposite view of the single stone

The NE stone showing gouges (faintly)

The SW stone

Frank demonstrates the handprint

A rather faint photo of the handprint

Situated on the Tullibardine road leading NW from Auchterarder, this is an interesting group (also misleadingly referred to in Canmore as 'Easthill'. The most obvious is a single out on a grassy traffic island but there are another two in dense undergrowth at the side of the road. The single is heavily girdled, and very easy to access all round, tilted heavily to the east. The other two were almost covered by brambles, so had to be cleared (Scottish Megarak Group meeting). The NE stone has four large, strange gouges on the northernmost face, but little else of distinction. The SW stone, however, Scotty maintained had a handprint on the south face. And there was indeed a handprint, faded but still clearly delineated, a medium sized left hand pointed downwards with the thumb straight down. Very interesting, and unusual. Worth a visit for this alone.

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