The Bonhard Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO153263

The Bonhard Stone looking to the north west.

The Bonhard Stone SE face

The Bonhard Stone SW edge

The Bonhard Stone NW face

The Bonhard Stone NE edge

A cup mark?

Leave Perth on the A94 towards Scone, and take a right turn towards Murrayshall (alternative name for this stone, along with Mill of Bonhard). Follow this road out into the country heading north east until you pass the golf course on your right - look to your left and you will see the stone in the centre of the field. It is almost 6 feet in height, width varying from just under 3 feet at the bottom to 4 feet or so at the top diagonally. I revisited this on 13th November 2002, and noticed what appears to be a cup mark on the NW face, though Canmore reports no markings.

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