Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN982000

The south face of the stone

Looking east

Looking south

Looking west

Close-up of the cup-marks on the north face

Visited this site, near Dollar, on a very cold, bright day. Strictly speaking, it's not in Perthshire but Clackmannanshire, but it's close by so in it goes! It lies on a back road just off the A91. From the archives of Canmore:

""A large standing stone about 8' high in the angle of the garden wall close to the W side of the farm steading, which gave name to the farm. It is considered a stone of memorial of some event". (By 1923 (OS 25" map) the stone had apparently been moved from its position W of the farm which also became known as the Home Farm). This standing stone, 2.2m high, 1.0m broad and 0.9m thick, bears a number of small cup-marks - especially noticeable on the lower portion of the north side. Some of the 'cups' may be due to weathering. "

It's big, in quite a prominent position, and some of the cup-marks are almost certainly weathering - but some aren't. I wonder if the stone was orientated differently when first erected, as cup-marks aren't commonly on the north face of a stone. Maybe it's just an exception.

Date visited 23rd February 2004

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