Clachan More

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO000479

The two stones against the hedge

The larger eastern stone

Looking from the western stone to the larger eastern one

The smaller western stone

Close up of the eastern stone looking to the western one

Looking east, the large quartz vein visible on the shoulder of the western stone

Situated right beside the very busy A9 at Dowally, acess can be a little awkward when you slow to turn in here. These stones had, I had heard, been demolished (after being hit by a bus) and replaced by a caravan park. When I visited however, I found that the stones still exist, and are in the garden of a small cottage, protected at the rear by a large hedge. Canmore states: "Two standing stones 10' apart W of the main road at Dowally. They are respectively 8'7" and 7'8" high and 8' and 10'11" basal girth." In 1975 it was noted that one stone had fallen, otherwise the description is correct. This stone has since been re-erected, and I was unable to find out which one - presumably the one hit by the bus, however! The western stone has a huge line of quartz running vertically down the west side of it. They're quite a decent size and impressive standing out pale against the dark hedge.

Date visited 19th February 2004

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