The Dalchirla Stones

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN824159

The single stone looking east

The single stone looking west

The pair of stones looking south east

The pair of stones looking south west

The pair of stones looking north east

From Comrie, take the B827 south until you see the un-numbered road running east towards Muthill. Take this, and after passing the site of the Dunruchan Stone Row, pass through Craggan and then look for the track to Dalchirla Farm on the south side of the road. Park here and ask permission at the farm - this is readily granted.

The solitary stone is surrounded by a pile of field clearance boulders, which were not part of the original siting - none are earth-fast. The pair in the adjacent field are slightly mis-matched size-wise! The smaller of the two has a couple of cup-marks low down on the side facing the larger stone (faintly visible in the bottom photograph).

Visited 13th March 2003

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