Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO171545

The stone looking north

Looking east - a bit like an axe-head from this angle!

The stone looking south

The stone looking west

One of the Scottish Megaraks, George Currie, mentioned this stone to me. It's not marked on the OS Landranger map, but it's most definitely there. Up in the 'Forest of Alyth', now mostly moorland, there's an un-numbered road running past Tullymurdoch between the B954 and A93. The stone lies around 200 m or so in from the road, just off a rough track. About 1.7 m tall, and 0.7 m wide, it stands proud with a terrific viewpoint north, west and south, just on the SW shoulder of Drumderg. It's obviously a great favourite with the sheep, too, as the eroded area round the base and traces of wool on the shaft show. From one angle it looks a bit like an upright axe-head.

Visited 16th April 2003, which brought back thoughts of another moorland on that date, further north and far colder that day...

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